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Quiz Naruto Chakra : Les types de chakra sont dans ce quizz . - Q1: Que veut dire Katon ? Feu, Eau, Vent, Terre,.. The Naruto chakra quiz is a Naruto quiz designed to find out which chakra nature best fits you depending on your likes and personality. You will answer a number of questions relating to Naruto about yourself and this quiz will determine what Naruto chakra you have Naruto Quiz : Test Naruto de 50 questions ! Ohayo minasan, Aujourd'hui, nous voulons tester tout le monde et voir qui est capable de réussir ce test Naruto Quiz Quiz Naruto difficile : Êtes-vous vraiment sonné du manga Naruto ? - Q1: Quel âge a Naruto dans 'Shippuden' ? 15 ans, 14 ans, 17 ans,..


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  1. Quiz De quel clan de ''Naruto'' es-tu ? : Peut-être Uchiha ou Uzumaki, les plus populaires, ou peut-être Nara. - Q1: Quelle fille préfères-tu ? Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Temari,..
  2. There are five elements of chakra: fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. Each has their own specialties and meanings. Take this quiz! What is your idea of a fun day? What would people label you as? What's your favorite color? If your team member walks in and asks you to train with them, you... Your house catches on fire! What do you bring with you as you escape
  3. 11 questions - Un petit quiz de 11 questions sur le fameux manga Naruto shippuden ! (De Bryan1414) Comment s'appelle le meilleur ami de naruto ? Madara Naruto Sasuke Ka
  4. Le chakra Racine : Vous êtes une personne réaliste, terre à terre. Vous aimez la stabilité, l'harmonie et la nature. Fort(e) devant l'adversité, vous pourriez toutefois oublier que la vie n'est pas qu'un combat et surtout, que vous n'avez pas à tout combattre en solitaire difficile de ne pas combattre tout toute seule quand vous n'avez ou n'aviez jamais eu quelqu'un.
  5. Par #NARUTO.BEST., il y a 1 an (en réponse à Baransu): Ce n'est pas gentil. J'ai eue Naruto mon personnage favori et toi tu veux mal le prendre parce-que tu l'a mais bon, chacun son point de vue
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Quiz Naruto partie 1 (tome 1 à 27) 40591 xotius Mangas shônen 83 0 2 3 7 mars 2018; Naruto la nature du chakra 22021 kushina Mangas shônen 334 2 4 3.5 23 novembre 2014; Quiz Naruto 12702 shisui Mangas shônen 359 4 6 3.8333 11 octobre 2013; Les signes des techniques dans Naruto 20337 kushina Mangas shônen 369 1 4 2.75 27 août 201 Naruto Shippuden Quizz 7283 Dragonsdesenfers Mangas shônen 2026 31 16 3.875 20 février 2013; Naruto (niveau expert) 20748 paraske Mangas shônen 1587 4 7 3.4286 20 septembre 2014; Naruto (niveau expert hard core) 20797 paraske Mangas shônen 623 4 5 3.2 23 septembre 2014; Quiz Naruto devine qui je suis 5642 daffir Mangas shônen 20554 29 35. Take This Naruto Quiz And Find Out What Is Your Chakra Nature! By. Anshay Tomar - November 9, 2019. Welcome to Humor Nation. Naruto is one of the greatest manga/anime series in the world. It's popular with people of all ages. It tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto who dreams of becoming the leader of his village, a Hokage someday. The story of Naruto is split into two parts, one. Tobi Tan Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess? Date Added 08/16/14 Accuracy Rating: 98% (162 votes) Category Naruto Quizzes Tags anime, chakra, element, manga, naruto, ninja Favorited 24 members Feedback 0 comments. What is your favorite color? Bright, warm colors e.g. red, yellow. Cool colors e.g. blue, purple. Pastel colors e.g. light colors. White or black. Nature's colors e.g. green.

Quiz Naruto devine qui je suis 5642 daffir Mangas shônen 20580 29 35 4.0857 10 novembre 2012; Special Naruto vs Pain 20859 kushina Mangas shônen 96 6 4 3 28 septembre 2014; Les affinités de chakra dans Naruto 20441 Naruto74 Mangas shônen 496 9 7 3.8571 1er septembre 2014; Les signes des techniques dans Naruto 20337 kushina Mangas shônen. Le Bakuton (爆遁, Bakuton, Signifiant littéralement: Libération d'Explosion, Signification (Kana): Art de manipuler les explosions) est une branche de techniques élémentaires. Elles permettent à l'utilisateur de transformer son chakra en puissance explosive, qu'il peut manier ensuite comme bon lui semble. Les seuls utilisateurs connus de cette affinité étaient les membres de l'unité. Quiz Naruto. Testez vos connaissances sur Naruto avec ce quiz ! Attention, ce quiz contient de nombreux spoilers ! Vous voilà prévenu ! Ne venez pas vous plaindre après ! 1. Quels sont les trois éléments du Nidaime Tsuchikage ? Raiton, Doton et Yoton Jinton, Fuuton et Katon Doton, Fuuton et Katon Suiton, Doton et Jinton. 2. Comment Kakashi a obtenu son Mangekyou Sharingan ? Naturellement. chakra nature naruto quiz, chakra nature naruto test, find your chakra nature, find out your naruto chakra nature, my chakra nature quiz, naruto chakra nature personality test, naruto quiz what is.

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I need your help to figure out if I'm right about the MBTIs of the characters in Naruto. Please help me! I made it a quiz cuz no one does polls. Add to library 28 Discussion 114. Choose Between 2 Anime Boys. 4 weeks ago starentity . Anime & Manga Love & Friendship Naruto Haikyuu Mha Fire Force You get to choose the boy you find most attractive or the boy you like more. You can choose boys. » Share quiz . Which Naruto Chakra Nature Affinity Do You Have? αяïєѕ . 1. 22. Okay! Let's jump right on into this-What color do you most gravitate to? Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Violet. Brown. Black. White « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 229. Le chakra Yin et le Yang de Kyûbi. À part les cinq transformations de la nature élémentaire, il existe une deuxième série de « natures » qui sont censées être la source de toutes les techniques non-élémentaires, tels que Manipulation des Ombres, la Technique de Décuplement, le Ninjutsu Médical, le Genjutsu, etc. : . Le Yin (陰遁, Inton), l'art de manipuler l'imagination et l.

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We know that Naruto is infused with Kurama's chakra, that's kind of the whole point of the original series. He is Kurama's (the nine-tail's) jinchuriki. But he's not the only one with jinchuriki blood. This person was infused with the chakra after the attack when Kurama's chakra was scattered throughout the village. Although he wasn't crucial to the plot, it was nice for Naruto to know there. Who was the very first person to mention (not explain) the existence of light and dark chakra to Naruto ; 9 mai 2019- Découvrez le tableau Naruto de Marie-Myriam sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Наруто узумаки, Манга аниме et Рисунки ; ins dans naruto quiz questions (1-8 of 8). Naruto Hinata confesses to his great l'amour for him, but when that. Test your knowledge about Naruto Shippuden through this amazing and challenging Naruto Shippuden Anime Quiz . Score 80%+ and you'll get Akkikun's Certificate of Weebism Personality QuizYour Strongest Chakra(&What It Says About You) - Duration: 32:29. Naruto QUIZ What TAILED BEAST Would YOU HAVE !!!!! - Duration: 7:00. Goliath Gorilla Recommended for you.

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In this quiz you'll find out what your chakra nature is, from the Naruto series. This quiz is based off of the variations of personalities that are derived from the characters, and their correlation to their chakra natures. Enjoy. How to use: bit.ly/2nXXTwx ((Shortened for the convenience)) Vers.. The Naruto girlfriend quiz is a Naruto quiz designed to find out which girlfriend best fits your personality. This quiz will ask you a number of questions regarding the Naruto anime and about yourself. Then, the quiz will determine what Naruto girlfriend you will get. If you are not happy about the results of this quiz, you can do the quiz again. However, in order to get the best results, try.

Chakra (チャクラ, chakura) is a substance native to lifeforms on some planets. Due to it being the component to create Chakra Fruit, the Ōtsutsuki Clan travel from planet to planet to absorb all the chakra on them in order to create the fruit to consume. On Earth, humans didn't have chakra until Hamura and Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki were born with it, which was a result of their mother Kaguya. Naruto Ultimate Chakra Quiz!~ 20 Questions - Developed by: Utz - Updated on: 2004-10-01 - Developed on: 2004-09-17 - 95.656 taken - User Rating: 4.2 of 5.0 - 15 votes - 9 people like it Think you know all about Naruto and his adventures? Then take this quiz to find out if you have the ultimate chakra! 1/20 Finish the name. Rock ___ Lee. Key. Gai. Sho. Comments (0) autorenew. Please leave empty.

Naruto road to ninja 20371 kushina Mangas shônen 74 2 7 3.1429 August 29th, 2014; Persos de Naruto 20276 stevenboss Mangas shônen 205 7 11 3.7273 August 24th, 2014; Naruto Shippuden Quizz 7283 Dragonsdesenfers Mangas shônen 2015 31 16 3.875 February 20th, 2013; Quiz Naruto 12702 shisui Mangas shônen 352 4 6 3.8333 October 11th, 201 Quizz naruto sur le chakra. Category : All categories > Bandes dessinées > Mangas shônen. shisui 3.31. Related quizes. Les affinités de chakra dans Naruto 20441 Naruto74 Mangas shônen 470 9 7 3.8571 September 1st, 2014; Quiz Naruto partie 1 (tome 1 à 27) 40591 xotius Mangas shônen 68 0 2 3 March 7th, 2018; Naruto la nature du chakra 22021 kushina Mangas shônen 317 2 4 3.5 November 23rd. Which Naruto Clan do you belong in? Quiz introduction From the highly intelligent Nara Clan, to the mysterious Aburame Clan, the Clans of the Shinobi World have unique traits and abilities, passed down from generation to generation

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Try this amazing Which Naruto Clan Are You quiz which has been attempted 9104 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 130 similar quizzes in this category Yamato is a wood style user that eventually leads Naruto's team as he is one of the few that can seal the nine-tails chakra. He is a quiet, yet confident type if you hope to get him within the Naruto Shippuden personality quiz. Zetsu. Zetsu has two different sides, similar to Yin and Yang concepts. He is a member of the Akatsuki and is the. Naruto Quiz (50Q) Par. Geekgerard-12 avril 2020. 0%. C'est quoi le Gedô ? Le pouvoir de lire dans les pensées. Le pouvoir de contrôler les Jinchuriki . Le pouvoir de revivre les morts, de transmettre du chakra. Le pouvoir de téléportation. Bonne réponse ! Mauvaise réponse ! Continuer >> Quel est le nom du Frère de Madara ? Izuna Uchiha. Mikoto Uchiha. Fugaku Uchiha. Shishui Uchiha. Chakras.info provides general information on the chakras for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, treatment or services. Chakras.info is not liable or responsible for any information or product you may obtain and use through this site. View ou

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Solving Naruto Trivia questions and answers quiz for free! Check out below real fun manga Naruto trivia questions and answers quiz game and put your thinking hat on right now to start the never-ending quiz game fun. Little Known Facts about Naruto. Among the biggest selling Japanese Manga titles, Naruto is the one of them Naruto Quiz DRAFT. 4 days ago. by aa06168_66526. Played 1 times. 0. 8th grade . 100% average accuracy. 0. Save. Edit. Edit. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Report an issue; Host a game. Live Game Live. Homework . Solo Practice. Practice. Play. Share practice link. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! To play. Hard Naruto quiz DRAFT. 6 months ago. by ibraimeminov27_95128. Played 12 times. 0. K - 14th grade . 70% average accuracy. 0. Save. Edit. Edit. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Live Game Live. Homework . Solo Practice. Practice. Play. Share practice link. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! To play. c'est un jeu où on doit répondre à des questions que je poserai sur naruto le premier à 10 gagne Quel est le nom de celui que raiga garde avec lui Les réponses : Réponses du Quiz 1. Quiz 2: Q1. Quel est le nom de famille de Naruto ? Q2. Quel était le rôle du clan Uchiwa à Konoha ? Q3. À quelle occasion Naruto libéra-t-il la puissance de Kyûbi pour la première fois ? Q4. Qui Sasuke Uchiwa veut-il tuer ? Q5. Qui est le partenaire d'Itachi dans l'Akatsuki ? Q6

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Test de chakra. Faîtes ce test gratuit des chakras pour découvrir comment chacun de vos sept chakras est ouvert. Le questionnaire se compose de 56 questions, auxquelles vous pouvez répondre, sur une échelle de 5 points, de pas du tout à tout à fait A comprehensive database of more than 21 naruto shippuden quizzes online, test your knowledge with naruto shippuden quiz questions. Our online naruto shippuden trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top naruto shippuden quizzes

Quiz Naruto 12702 shisui Mangas shônen 195 4 6 3.8333 October 11th, 2013; Naruto les techniques en japonais 20522 kushina Mangas shônen 331 2 5 3.8 September 5th, 2014; Les affinités de chakra dans Naruto 20441 Naruto74 Mangas shônen 292 9 7 3.8571 September 1st, 2014; Naruto personnages 20352 kushina Mangas shônen 143 6 4 2.75 August 28th. Quiz Naruto 5535 daffir Mangas shônen 551 3 10 3.3 November 4th, 2012; Naruto (2) 18798 Guillaume44490 Mangas shônen 302 2 14 4.0714 June 8th, 2014; Personnage naruto partie 1 6324 goku Mangas shônen 934 7 15 3.6667 December 31st, 2012; Naruto 8138 minato Mangas shônen 207 15 8 3 March 17th, 2013; Naruto n°5 8338 minato Mangas shônen 376. Here Are the Results to Your Chakra Quiz: The results are in! Determine which chakra you are most closely aligned with from your answers. If you got mostly As: Your strongest chakra is the Third Chakra, or the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is located between the navel and the rib cage. This chakra beholds the core of ego. Here, our personality and. C'est un quiz sur l'univers Naruto. Le truc est simple. Je vous pose un quiz sur le manga. Vous répondez jusqu'à une certaine date de clôture. A cette date, je proclame les résultats (les bonnes réponses et le vainqueur). Ensuite, ce sera à ce vainqueur de faire un quiz sur le manga Naruto et ainsi de suite. Avant tout, le but de ce quiz est de voir si vous avez bien suivi le manga et. Quiz For Naruto Shippuden All Level Answers 1 - 120 ( DGame Studio ) Naruto First Met His Mother, Naruto Was First Used Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Naruto English Dub - Duration: 12:57. Dark Tobi.

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Quiz sur naruto shippuden. Category : All categories > Bandes dessinées > Mangas shônen. shisui 3.32. Related quizes. Quizz Naruto Kage 38371 infernoosef Mangas shônen 97 1 4 2.5 July 13th, 2017; Naruto shippuden 6574 thoma59 Mangas shônen 1449 22 23 4.0435 January 12th, 2013; Personnages de Naruto 988 Bearnais64 Mangas shônen 2661 18 32 3.875 August 18th, 2011; Naruto Shippuden Quizz. Karin Saw Naruto's Chakra So Bright And So Dark, Kisame Still Alive After The Fight With Raikage,Bee - Duration: 13:31. Fomica Films 2,444,439 view Take the Naruto Character Quiz to see which naruto character you are most like. Hopefully , it's your favorite character from Naruto , the best manga/anime in the world! More Naruto Character Quizzes. What Is Your Chakra Nature? (Naruto Shippuden Fans Only) What Is Your Chakra Nature? (Naruto Shippuden Fans Only) What's Your Naruto Kekkei Genkai? Find Out With This Quiz! What's Your Naruto.

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Quiz Naruto. Faites le nouveau test, questions plus dures, par contre il n'y en as que 15 pour le moment les autres viendront plus tard. 1) Quel est le nom de la mère de Naruto ? Kushina Kashisu Kushima. 2) Comment s'appelle cette technique ? chidori masashi chidori nagoshi chidori nagashi. 3) Quel est la technique montrée dans le chapitre 391 page 8? Kirin Susanoo Amaterasu. 4) Par qui. Quiz Naruto créé le 09-05-2007 par anonyme avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! Voir les statistiques de réussite de ce test de culture générale 'Naruto' Merci de vous connecter au club pour sauvegarder votre résultat. 1. Dans les next-gen, pourquoi Sasuke crée-t-il une équipe ? 2. Qui sont ses partenaires ? 3. Pour quelle raison Suigetsu le suit-il ? 4. Commen Nilce e Leon do Coisa de Nerd e do Cadê a Chave, jogam o Gênio QUIZ. Aqui nós jogamos o GÊNIO QUIZ NARUTO! \O/ Assista esse video sobre esse jogo do anime naruto. Cupom de DESCONTO: anime. With a cast of eclectic characters the anime Naruto has captured fans around the world. So much so that spinoffs, movies, video games, and even novels have expanded the Naruto universe bigger than anyone could have anticipated. The question is which of these characters do you identify? Overly enthusiastic Naruto, intelligent and sweet Sakura, driven Sasuke, or vengeful Gaara? Take the quiz to. Quiz naruto. Quiz naruto. Je vous souhaite bonne chance a tous les zozio j'espère que vous avez appris vos leçon de naruto par cœur en regardent mes pages allez on y va pour le quiiiiiizzzz! 1) Quel est l'art du cristal ? Fuuton Shoton Mokuton Doton Katon Kinton Kinton 2) Qui mani l'art de l'acier ? Sasuke Sasori et le 3ème kazékage Deidara 3) Combien y a t-il de signe d'animaux ? 12 14.

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quiz naruto. salut les fans de naruto testez vosconnaissances en répondant à ce quiz le meilleure verrasonnom surla page d'acceuil pour cela il devra laisse son nom et son score dans les commentaire Re: Quel personnage de Naruto êtes-vous ? Quizz Quizz moi j'ai fais les 2 test et je suis tomber sur sasuke donc je suis sasuke j'en était sur que je le ressemblai c trop bien en même temps c normal je rêve de battre mon frère car il m'énerv Foudre. - page 3 - Topic [Quizz] Quel la nature de ton chakra du 17-02-2012 18:35:31 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co

Naruto Uzumaki is a character in the manga and anime Naruto. He was also given form by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto housed the Nine tailed Kyuubi who hates humanity like no man's business Vous souhaitez réagir à ce message ? Créez un compte en quelques clics ou connectez-vous pour continuer Naruto Chakra Nature Quiz. by. Anime Knowledge 519 Views. 1. SHARES. Share Tweet. Who is your favourite character out of these? Naruto. Sasuke. Gaara. Rock Lee. Zabuza. What is your personality from these options? Calm. Energetic. Stoic. Passionate. Playful. Which activity would you choose from this list? Flying a kite. Swimming. Camping. Buildung a snowman. Playing video games. What is your. tite.métisse > Pour monter d'un niveaux au quizz chakra, les quizzs ratés ou réussies ne rentrent pas en compte. Il suffit de réussir le test final pour monter d'un nveau. Actuellement, il n'y a que 4 niveaux donc c'est normal que tu n'es pas de niveau 5, cependant, j'ai lu dans une lointaine news que le niveau 5 de l'académie du chakra porterai sur les équipes du manga Naruto. Mais je.

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What chakra are you quiz? I was motivated to make a quiz about chakra not becuase I understand it but I love anylizing things, but on a lighter not this quiz is somewhat for entertainment puposes only, but it would be nicce to see what chakra you are! SO what ChakRA are you?!! Would you like to find out! I sure would, wouldin't it be nice to. This is the ultimate 'Naruto' quiz! This quiz covers seasons one through four. If you love the show, and you've taken all the other 'Naruto' quizzes on this site, then try this one! Good luck! Average score for this quiz is 11 / 15. Difficulty: Average. Played 13,233 times. As of Jul 24 20. *** Please take a moment to register your Free FunTrivia ID. *** Points you earn from this quiz will. He wanted to destroy Naruto and Itachi you shouldn't have put both of them on the list and the rasengan is not a wind nature jutsu it's a rotating chakra ball you should know this if you are a fan of the series

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If that made sense to you, we're guessing you are familiar with, or a fan of, the Naruto anime. After being in print for a little more than 10 years, this peppy pre-teen made the leap from the manga pages to the small screen in 2002. After that, merchandise and further interpretations hit the mainstream: in print, novels, art books, and even a card came were on the shelves: in other media. What is your Naruto Jutsu? 1 Comment. Every ninja has their own nindo, they're ninja way. Everyone takes their own route. Power, speed, spirit, or special ability. Which one have you taken? Are you strong like Naruto? Fast as Sasuke? Have awesome chakra control like Sakura or a secret ability you earned from your clan? Or are you just another. This quiz was easy what a waste of time I could have killed men while playing this Easy uzumaki clan is not known for holding massive chakra there known for there sealing justu just because naruto has a lot of chakra doesn't mean that is what the clan is known for just like how the clan is known for there red hair but naruto has yellow hair because of his dad . Najimii (81500) 344. Sa réserve de chakra était immense, quasiment infinie, et le peuple l'élevait déjà au rang de Dieu de son vivant. Lire aussi Top 10 des personnages les plus puissants dans One Piece En d'autres termes, Hagoromo avait une maîtrise absolue du ninjutsu, du taijutsu, du genjutsu et du fuinjutsu, en plus de toutes les autres techniques qu'il a créées

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This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 7 Questions Show answers. Question 1 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Report an issue . Q. What power is this? answer choices . rasengan. sharigan. tailed beast bomb. shadow clone jistu. Tags: Question 2 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Report an issue . Q. who. Playbuzz: Take the Chakra Quiz . ROOT CHAKRA. Organized and independent, you are guided by your Root Chakra. This energy center is located in the base of the spine in the tailbone area and connected with the color red, and represents the feeling of being grounded. You are at your best when it comes to survival issues like money, home and food. With your feet planted firmly on the ground, you.

If You Don't Get 100% On This Quiz You're Not A True Naruto Fan. by Ursula Nizalowski - on Feb 10th; in Movies and TV; When it comes to television, a long-running series is bound to have its ups and downs in terms of narrative. It'll have excellent story-arcs with gripping stories and character development alongside pointless filler episodes and not-so-great moments that change your. Le chakra 11. Il était une fois un héros 12. Bataille sur le pont! Le retour de Zabuza 13. Les miroirs de glace de Haku 14. Imprévisible Naruto! 15. Bataille dans la brume 16. Le sceau brisé 17. Le passé oublié 18. Un ninja, une arme 19. La neige recouvre Zabuza 20. Lexamen des Chûnin 21. De mystérieux et puissants adversaires! 22. Sasuke contre Lee 23. Les rivaux! 24. La première.

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This anime is all about ninjas with supernatural powers and the use of chakras to battle. This story's main character is a young and ambitious ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, who is trying to attract the attention and admiration of the people around him. If you want to know more, just go ahead and take the quiz! Naruto Quiz. Naruto quiz is a useful and entertaining trivia quiz that gives you a. bah j'ai test 3 fois et j'ai eu 3 fois eau... j'ai mis des réponses au hasard c'prouve bien que sa sert a rien ton truc - page 2 - Topic [Quizz] Quel la nature de ton chakra du 17-02-2012 18:35.

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Good Luck Take this quiz! How old is Naruto in Shippuuden? Sakura is What is the Akatsuki? Who is Naruto in love with? The Akatsuki's ultimate goal Who created the akatsuki? What is Hawk? Who defeated Gaara? Why were the Uchiha wiped out? What was Hawk' In Naruto, chakra takes time and a great deal of training to gradually build up. Thus, the key is not actually having chakra, but being able to sufficiently control and conserve it. Everyone has chakra, but only skilled ninja can correctly mould and manipulate it to its fullest extent. Moulding chakra involves the extraction of energies from both the body's cells and the mind's. Genin (下忍, Signifiant littéralement: Bas Ninja) est le grade ninja le moins élevé. Lorsqu'il est promu genin, un ninja commence à contribuer à l'économie de son village - en étant envoyé en mission rémunérée. Généralement, on leur attribue des missions de rang D, consistant souvent en travaux d'intérêt général exempt de tout risque, ou, plus rarement, de rang C, un rang au. Naruto Ultimate Chakra Quiz. by: naruto1998. 118 Responses. 5.0/5.0 (1 vote) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. There are 20 Questions. This is about How much you know about naruto. This is both Naruto and Naruto shippuden. Have fun!!!!!.Hope you get 100% By: Thi Nguyen.

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The Ultimate Naruto Quiz! Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 50 questions . Do you think you know everything about Naruto? From Naruto to Naruto Shippuden to all its movies and everything in between? Then this quiz will be perfect for you! With very easy and very difficult questions! (I try to update it as much and as regular as I can, so there are some questions that people who are not up. This is a Simple quiz to determine which eye from Naruto you would be more likely to possess. Take this quiz! A sound Ninja walks up to you and pulls out a Kunai. What do you do? How do you read your Naruto Manga? What is the name of the 8 Tailed Jinchuriki? (Not Related to Quiz) What is your favorite Style? (Not Related to Quiz) How good is your eye sight Naruto Quiz. contains a lot of different things from Naruto like characters, organizations, etc. Also names are first then last ex: Sasuke Uchiha and not Uchiha Sasuke. STUDY. PLAY . Naruto Uzumaki. The number one Kucklehead of Konoha, and holds the Kyuubi within him. Sasuke Uchiha. Itachi's little brother that defected from Konoha after receiving the curse mark from Orochimaru. Sakura Haruno.

*Naruto v/s Toneri* - Uzumaki Naruto (Shippuuden) Photo

Naruto, Jiraiya: This destroyed Konoha: Pain: The opposite of above: Pain: A new moon: Pain: Not nearly as gentle as it sounds: Hyuga Clan: Extreme growthspurt: Akimichi Clan: Your psyche is mine! Yamanaka Clan: Like above, except darker: Nara Clan: These eyes can see chakra as colours... Uchiha Clan: 360-degree vision: Hyuga Clan: Eyes of a. Quiz Naruto !! Auteur Message; Naruto-sama Kage Nombre de messages: 53 Age: 25 Localisation: Devant mon ordinateur banane !!! Emploi/loisirs : Forums en tous genres Humeur: Bonne Date d'inscription : 23/04/2008 Feuille de personnage Elément: Katon Vie: (1000/1000) Chakra: (1000/1000) Sujet: Quiz Naruto !! Ven 25 Avr - 13:30: Alors ici on pose une question et après celui qui répond juste. Ever wondered about this one, Naruto Readers? Here's a comprehensive quiz to finding out your chakra affinity. Quiz Naruto Quiz Stats. by adamwitt Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 Kekkai Genkai Chakra Natures: Lava Release: 53.8%: Kekkai Genkai Chakra Natures: Ice Release: 53.1%: Kekkai Genkai Chakra Natures: Wood Release: 52.3%: Dojutsu (Eyes) Mangekyou Sharingan: 50.2%: Kekkai Touta Chakra Nature : Dust Release: 37.9%: Dojutsu (Eyes) Tenseigan: 34.3%: Kekkai Genkai Chakra. Naruto quiz. cc. réponse obligatoire. Question 1. Dans Boruto qui Naruto épouse t'il? réponse obligatoire. Question 2. Quelle est le numéro d'équipes de Naruto? Question 3. Quelles sont les noms des personnages de l'équipe de Naruto, dans Naruto? réponse obligatoire. Question 4. Quelles sont les noms des personnages de l'équipe de Naruto, dans Naruto Shipuden? réponse obligatoire Replay ️ 22m57s - Naruto est enfin devenu un Ninja et pourra mener sa première mission en compagnie de deux autres jeunes ninja. Ses co-équipiers sont Sakura Haruno et Sasuke Uchiwa. Naruto a.

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